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    File Extension


      I have a user that is downloading PDF files from the company webpage. The funny thing is that there is no PDF file extension. In order to view the PDF file she has to first save it and add the extension or say to open the file with Adobe Reader. The user said she use to be able to open the file without any issue. Is there a way to open the PDF file without having to go through all of that? I'm not sure what setting has changed on the computer.

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          pwillener Level 8

          How does one save a file without the file extension - I am rather puzzled by that.  Does that happen with other file types as well?


          Further questions:

          • does the downloaded file (without the extension) show the Adobe icon?
          • what happens when you double-click the extension-less file?
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            HarryT3 Level 1

            It only happens with this one file. When you click on the file, you get the box in Internet Explorer that asks if you want to Open or Save the file. I forget what happens when you say to Open the file, but you can Save the file and then you just have to tell it what program to use to open the file or you have to add the PDF extension.


            No the downloaded file doesn't show the Adobe icon, it has the default icon for when a file has no program linked to it.


            When you double click the file, it asks you what program you would like to use to open the file and then you have to specify Adobe Reader.