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    adjust style of flash component


      I managed to set styles on the various flash components. However, I don't see a way to render these styles before the components become visible. Using the setstyle method in the beginsprite handler in a behaviour on the components sprite does not work.
      Call a method on the sprite after it has been rendered works, but leaves me with a flickr of the component in its default stage before it is changed to the desired style. Making the sprite invisible at first doesn't work either.

      I cannot think of other option than to use tricks to hide the sprites until they are shown in the desired state.

      I thought the flash components would make my life easier, but so far I spent half a day and still don't have the desired results. Doesn anyone know a way out of this without using stupid tricks?

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          I gotta tell you. Flash Components will not make your life easier. I
          hate them. You can not set their style (or even if the radio buttons are
          selected or not) until after they have rendered on the stage. As you
          seem to have figured out already. And I have not found an effective way
          to find out using Lingo if they are ready. And if they are set to be
          offstage, then they cause errors. Changing the .blend property does not
          do what you would expect it to. And they don't respond to mouseUp
          commands without messing about in the eventPassMode settings. I have
          found that the easiest way to use them is to make bitmap representations
          of them and use standard rollovers to make them work. i.e. the easiest
          way to use them is to not use them.

          Sorry about the rant. I recently had a large project that used them
          extensively, and they caused so many problems that I needed to rethink a
          great deal of the project to remove them and make things work the same
          way without them. It took the better part of a day just to undo all the
          cheesy hacks I had in place to make them mostly work.