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    "Adobe Premiere Pro.exe" process does not terminate on application exit




      I just started using Premeire Pro CS5 on my Windows 7 64 machine and noticed that if I create an new project or open an existing project and then exit Permeire Pro the process is left running consuming CPU resources and memory until I manually kill it through task manager.  I don't get any errors and the application looks like it is terminating normally.  If I just open Premiere and hit the exit button without opening or creating a project the process terminates successfully. A new process is created every time I open Premiere.  If I don't terminate them they pile up and each one is reported to consume the exact same amount of CPU resources.  The software seems to be working fine other than that but it is a pretty big issue and I am glad that I have a CPU monitor on my desktop otherwise I would not have noticed the zombie processes until my system started to show signs of stress.


      Any ideas?