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    Reference to FLVPlayback Skin object

    BeniRose Level 1
      So I have a problem with the FLVPlayback. I'm using a customized version of the SteelOverPlaySeekMute skin, and it works very well. The only problem is, that Macromedia coded the FLVPlayback.skinAutoHide poorly, in that it only hides when an onRollOut is triggered for your FLVPlayback. However, if the FLVPlayback is the same size as your Stage, this will NEVER get triggered. I'm finding a way around this by using a MouseListener with a setInterval to hide the controls by changing the FLVPlayback.skin to an empty string, and then back to my custom skin when the mouse moves again. However this is a very clunky method of handling it, and when the skin first loads back again after hiding, the playback handle is at the begining and then jumps to the right position. It's kinda ugly.

      So is there any way to reference my skin object so I can set the _alpha property or something, or do I need to go and code my own custom UI?