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    Audio out of sync on publish, have tried everything to fix!


      I have been a loyal user of Captivate since 2005, but this issue is making me never want to look at it again.


      I have a Captivate 3 file that I updated to Captivate 4. On preview, everything looks good and the audio is synced up with the video. When I publish it to a .avi, the audio loses sync around 2/3 of the way through and ends up a few seconds ahead of the slides for the rest of the video. In fact, I had to add time to the end of the video so the audio wouldn’t cut off in mid-sentence.


      I have added time to the front and end of each slide (at the point where the audio goes off-track onward) so that the audio is buffered by about 0.5 seconds in either direction on each slide. Same thing happens. I tried publishing using various video formats including Indeo, XviD and Cinepak. Same thing.


      I’ve had problems in the past with audio that got rearranged and scrambled, but there was always a pretty easy fix for that and I could hear the scrambling on preview. I've read forum posts about this issue, but have not found a definitive answer in the forums on how to fix this. I’ve devoted a full day to this issue and am on the verge of losing my mind. Help!