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    Flash Player Location Confusion

    si-robertson Level 1



      Flash Builder 4 seems to be looking in the Flash CS5 directory for a Flash Player (debug version). I have a couple of questions related to this:


      1. Can we tell Flash Builder 4 where to look for Flash Players (e.g. override the default search path) ?

      2. If Flash CS5 isn't installed, where does Flash Builder 4 look for Flash Players?


      I would have thought the most sensible thing to do would be to include the standard and debug Flash Players that Flash Builder requires in the SDK directories, and have Flash Builder use those, but that doesn't seem to be what's happening.

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          I have the same problem, it's doesn't make sense that Flash Builder 4 should try to locate the Flash Player in Flash Professional CS5 folder, and I didn't find a way to set the correct location of the Flash Player. It should enable us to configure this just like what FlashDevelop is doing, so  that we can switch the versions of Flash Player we want to use.


          Looking forward to Adobe's feedback!

          Flying Dreamer

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            Anirudh Sasikumar Adobe Employee



            Currently, Flash Builder simply tells the OS to open a SWF file if "Generate HTML Wrapper" is off. So if you associate the SWF extension with the right standalone player, things should be good.


            That said, we totally recognize that this is an issue for people and in the future, we plan to launch the standalone player that Flash Builder ships with.


            That should reduce some confusion and changing player version would involve replacing the player executable in the installation directory.


            How does that sound? (Do you feel that complete control over the path to the standalone player should be there above this?)




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              si-robertson Level 1

              Thanks for the reply, Anirudh.


              Ideally I would like to see Flash Builder search the project's Flex SDK directory for the standalone Flash Player (both regular and debug versions), and use the standalone players that are shipped with Flash Builder as a fallback. That way we can be sure the correct Flash Player versions are being used to test/debug a project - unless of course a SWF is being run in HTML, in which case the browser's Flash Player plugin will need to be used (unless you guys can think of a way around that, maybe create an official Adobe Plugin Switcher or something).


              Anyway, something definitely needs to done to make this side of things a lot simpler and easier to manage, it still confuses me sometimes and I've been a Flasher for 10+ years now.



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                I think it's easiest if there is an explicit way to set the path of the Flash Player in project settings, otherwise, it's hard to know the rule which Flash Player is used. And if there are multiple copies of players, it's hard to update them.


                And it's desirable to set different Flash Players for Run/Debug/Profile versions. We can set the default Flash Players according to some rules, but developers can clearly see them and easily change them.



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                  Anirudh Sasikumar Adobe Employee

                  Hi all,


                  Thank you for your inputs. It is highly appreciated. Keep them coming!




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                    I am using Flash Builder 4 and the problem still seems to be unresolved as of 3/16/11.  I associated the desired player with SWF files and the debugger works, but every time I run the program, it tells me that "Flash Builder cannot locate the required version of Adobe Flash Player..." and then allows me to run with the current version, which works just fine.  I just downloaded both Flash Builder and the Debug Player from the Adobe site, so what do I need to do to eliminate the message?


                    Thanks very much for any advise.


                    -- Rob  ;-]

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                      Anirudh Sasikumar Adobe Employee

                      Are you on a Mac?


                      Can you tell me the contents of the directory: /Libraries/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player.plugin/Contents/Resources/?