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    Preview problems, Premiere CS5 Windows




      I´ve been using Premiere for 10 years, so I should know it pretty well, but this is my case:

      I start Premiere, choose "New project", tried different sequence settings, but the DVCPro HD 25 (PAL) is the most relevant. Inside Premiere, I import a clip, and drag it onto the timeline. So far, everything´s normal. The problems starts when I press the space button for preview. The only thing´s happening is the play symbol changes to a stop symbol in the composition window. No timecode´s running, no moving marker, and only a still image in the composition window. I can jog it frame by frame, and I can move the marker, and everything is fine, but also no playback. The play button in comp window does not make a change.


      My next problem is to get this version to work with my Black Magic Decklink Extreme. I have an output signal, but no picture.


      My system:

      Pentium i7

      12GB RAM

      Win 7







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          Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

          Your display drivers are probably the stock Win7 drivers, which are not suitable.  Figure out what graphic card you have installed & go to the card manufacturer's website to download the latest recommended drivers.

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            ekld Level 1

            Thanks, but I´ve found a problem with my Decklink Extreme PCI card. The Premiere preview problem happens only when I´m using any Black Magic presets. Is Decklink Extreme PCI/windows 7/Adobe CS5 a bad combination? I´m not able to get any picture on my monitor from the decklink what so ever (composite/component), but there´s a signal there (black video). Worked fine in XP (with CS3), kind of worked in win7 with my old configuration (4GB RAM, single core AMD-processor), and absolutely no response now.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              There was a bug in CS4 whereby preview on an external monitor would freeze the playback on the internal monitor.  Essentially you couldn't have both.  This bug was introduced with CS4.


              It sounds like it still may not be fixed.