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    [CS5] Project Manager Trimming not supported for HDV footage?

    Taverino Level 2

      Yes, I have the licensed version of CS5 Production Premium.


      The Premiere Pro "Project Manager" allows you to create a "trimmed" version of your project. That is, only the footage actually used in sequences (along with some handles) is placed in the new, trimmed project. For example, I have a project which uses only 1 second of an 11 second HD Quicktime clip.


      original project folder which includes the clip = 352MB.

      trimmed project folder is = 26MB


      My problem is with a similar project using only a small portion of an HDV clip (M2T):


      original project folder = 232MB

      trimmed project folder = 232MB


      There is nothing I can find int the Adobe help file regarding limitations for HDV files with the trim feature. This problem is not limited to CS5. I experienced it also in CS4 but resolving it was not a priority at the time. But I now have a large number of projects I wish to archive.