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    Adobe Reader 9 causes blue screen of death




      Recently my laptop gave me the blue screen of death. On the blue screen error page it said that Adobe Reader was the cause. And I had the most recent version which I believe is 9.3. I took it the IT department on my college campus and they said that they had several people report the same issue but they haven't found a solution. I tried all of the system recovery tools and still had to do a complete pc restore.

      I currently have Adobe Reader 7. Most websites require that I have the most recent version of Adober Reader. However, I dont want the most recent version because I fear my laptop will crash again.


      Does anyone know if there has been a solution for this issue?




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          pwillener Level 8

          Please give the error code you were given on the BSOD screen (in the form of an eight-digit hexadecimal number).  If you don't remember it, you can find it in the Event Viewer at the time of the crash.

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            Randa86 Level 1

            I checked the event viewer and everything I come across only has logs from after I did the complete pc restore which actually only restored my "c" drive...not my partition. So I'm guessing the error log could still be on there and I'm just looking in the wrong place.

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              370H55V Level 4

              B.S.O.D. - Usual cause = Bad OS files.



              Just because the screen says Adobe Reader caused the problem, doesn't necessarily mean it did. What it's really saying is "your OS crashed while you had Adobe Reader opened and were using it". Analogy: If your car blows out a tire and you crash into a light pole setting off your airbag, it's not the light pole's fault you crashed and blew the airbag. It was just the catlyst for the final result. The bad tire blowing out was the root cause.


              I concur that we need the referenced memory module from the BSOD (which should be in the crash log) in order to know why it crashed when Reader was open.


              Personal note: I tell people to stay away from system restore unless it's an absolutely, unavoidable last resort. It causes more problems than it solves 99 times out of 100. The other one time, the PC user ends up reformatting and reloading the whole thing anyway. System restore isn't a Fix-it type thing, it's more like an "eraser".


              I like the car analogies, so here's one for system restore: Say you go out to run errands in your car. first thing you do is head to the mall. While you're there, someone sideswipes your car and scratches the entire driver's side really badly. You call the insurance company and they say take it to a repair shop. You're running on "E" so you fill up the tank on the way.


              Here's where the difference between repair and restore comes in.


              If you take the car to a body shop and say repair it, they pull out the dents, fill the scratches in and repaint the car. You get it back and everything is OK again. Now, if they "restored" it per Microsoft system restore standards, you'd get it back with the paint fixed, but they'd also empty your gas tank, because it wasn't full before the wreck, and everything you bought at the mall would disappear too, because you didn't have it prior to discovering your car all scratched up.


              Fact is, if you have to do a system restore to fix things on your PC, you're just about ready to reformat and reload the whole thing anyway, it's just a BSOD waiting for the right time to happen.

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                Randa86 Level 1

                Actually...adobe reader wasn't open. My laptop wasn't even on. I'm not some computer illiterate person that has no idea what is going on so I'm just taking a random guess. Meaning, there's no need to "dumb it down" for me. I guess it's somewhat my fault because I didn't get very specific.


                My laptop was working fine one day and then the next day when I turned it on I recieved the blue screen error. I'm blaming adobe reader because multiple people in my area have reported the same issue. I don't think it's a coincidence. That being said, I think you are right about it just being old. My old laptop did the same thing after I had it for a few years. But I still think adobe reader had something to do it.....

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                  370H55V Level 4

                  Let me reiterate what I said first:

                  B.S.O.D.  - Usual cause = Bad OS files.

                  As to this comment:

                  "I'm blaming adobe reader because multiple people in my area have  reported the same issue."

                  That's like saying "I know my laptop was stolen by a black guy because several people told me that black guys will steal your laptop if you turn your back on it for a second."


                  I've been repairing and rebuilding PCs for people since 2001, and when you see a BSOD, it's because something in your Operating System has failed. In Mac we have what's called "kernel panic" or the grey screen of death. Very much like the BSOD, except that it is ALWAYS caused by hardware. No exceptions. Kernel Panic = Hardware, BSOD = OS problem. On a very, very, very rare occasion, third party software will actually cause it, but it's always because it accessed a system file and changed it. Almost always, the software running when it occurs is just the catalyst, but you said it went to the BSOD when you booted it up.


                  Here's a pointer for you. This isn't dumbing anything down. When you start up the PC, WINDOWS is the ONLY thing running. If you got a BSOD from booting the system, WINDOWS CAUSED IT. Adobe Reader couldn't have caused it BECAUSE IT WASN"T EVEN RUNNING YET. It's like saying you got a rash from a sweater because you're allergic to wool, but it was hanging in your closet, not on your body.