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    Request for recoding videos on The Daily Show forum for iPad





      Would anyone care to comment on the following thread from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart forum:






      Please be aware that due to the nature of the forum, this thread may contain offensive language.



      I would like to point out that I am not an employee of either Comedy Central, The Daily Show or the website.  The labels 'Production Assistant' and 'Intern' are just the sites rankings descriptions.


      There is an assumption by iPad owners, that all Flash websites must be converted to be compatible with the iPad, rather than the iPad should be compatible with existing websites.


      Is it worth continuing to defend against this assumption?  Should we just give in to these people or try to engage them in a discussion, get them to demand Flash support from Apple?


      Also if you wish to contribute to The Daily Show thread, please do!



      Thanks, Sean

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

          I am not a usual contributor to the Flash Forum but I will jump in here.


          Who really cares one way or another? Someone will introduce another product that is Windows based and will support all players
          so they can compete with Apple.Hey no reason why Adobe can't partner with a company that wants to compete with Apple.


          Adobe is a very good competitor for instance the take the case of Lightroom and Aperture!


          Apple tries to compete with After Effects. Final Cut Pro was supposed to be the master but Avatar was created with Adobe applications as I understand it, not final cut pro!


          And what to say someone wants to create an application that supports flash in such a way Apple can do nothing about it?


          There is probably nothing anyone can do about that.


          There is just so much Apple can do before they enter the realm of he anti trust laws, just by not allowing flash on the devices is probably an unfair business practice and in court would more than likely be rued as such.


          I would give the matter time, for all anyone knows this might work to Adobe's advantage.


          I don't think boycotting the˙´product is the answer nor demanding anything is either I say let nature take its course.


          As I point out lots can happen perhaps there is even an advance in Flash that will make it impossible to stop on the iPad, iPhone and iTouch.


          I think you are looking at this the wrong way this is an opportunity for Adobe and Flash as well.

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            SeanK666 Level 1

            Hello Wade


            Thank you for your quick and insightful response.  Although, I'm not sure I agree with all your points.


            For instance, Apple already controls what software is allowed on its App store with an Iron, and rather arbitrary, Fist in a pretentiously styled Glove.  This includes blocking any software which competes with Apple's own software.


            So I don't think Apple will have any qualms about crushing anything which allowed flash to be viewed on the iPad.  Even if this risked a law suit, which could take years to come to trial.


            Apart from the costs involved for web site owners to recode all videos into h.264 and redesign Flash web sites to using HTML 5 features, it will be a total surrender to Apple.


            What about all the existing users who own older computers or devices which cannot be upgraded to support HTML 5 and h.264?  Will web developers continue to develop and support Flash in parallel?


            Even if video recoding is done on demand, it will still place a huge demand on the Media server CPU's, and holding both Flash & h.264 videos will double the amount of storage required.  These factors could be very expensive if your web site is hosted on a rented server.


            Does any industry really need all this extra cost at a time of recession?