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    Foreign fonts

    Sandra Rosen

      I created a project using Director MX 2004 (on a Macintosh). I need to translate it in to Hungarian, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. Where can I get these foreign language fonts that can be used with Director MX 2004?

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          Would you consider migrating your project to Director 11.5 so that you can take advantage of unicode support?

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            Sandra Rosen Level 1

            Thank you for your response to my question.  I am afraid that I am not 

            very knowledgeable about computers and don't even know the basics such 

            as unicode support.  I was fortunate enough to have someone else do 

            the lingo part of the project and I just provided the content (text) 

            to be typed into the casts that were then imported into the project.


            So, as someone with no real computing background, I need a solution 

            that even someone with my limited computer skill can use. I was hoping 

            to get the English text translation in different languages provided to 

            me in WORD documents and then be able to do a cut and paste into the 

            cast members of Director that contain the equivalent English text, if 

            such an approach is possible. I realize now that this may be too 

            simplistic an approach.


            I am happy to get a newer version of Director and do whatever it takes 

            as long as it can be done by someone with my limited knowledge and 

            skill.  Can you advise me?



            Sandy Rosen

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              James Newton, ACP Level 3

              Will users need to input text or edit text in these languages?  If not, you could convert each text to a bitmap image.  This would have two advantages: you could continue working with Director MX 2004 and you would not have to worry about embedding fonts in your Director application.   You could (get someone to) use a graphics application like Photoshop to prepare the texts for you.


              Here's a good place to start looking for fonts in the languages that interest you:




              On Mac OS X, you might find that Arial Unicode MS displays all four languages.

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                Sandra Rosen Level 1

                Thank you.


                Users do not need to edit or input text in these languages. I am 

                having professionals translate text (to only be read by users) in a 

                Word document. The translators will then return it to me in a Word 

                document and I need to replace the English in the cast member with the 

                foreign text.  My problem with turning it into a graphic is that the 

                text is long enough to require a scroll bar and I do not know if it is 

                possible to scroll a graphic. Sorry, I should have said that earlier.


                I tried copying some foreign text that had been saved in a Word 

                document as Arial Unicode MS into the cast (Arial Unicode MS is listed 

                as an available font in my Director 2004), but it came up as just 

                lines or strange symbols. (I also had a problem in that everything I 

                copy automatically converts to Helvetica in the cast and I have to 

                change it to Arial Unicode MS. Perhaps this is contributing to the 



                Is there a way to make graphics scrollable?


                Thanks for your time and your help. I greatly, greatly appreciate it.

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                  James Newton, ACP Level 3

                  Here is an example of using a custom scrollbar to scroll an image <http://nonlinear.openspark.com/tips/oop/scrollBar/>.  (The fact that there is text beside the image is irrelevant; the technique would work just as well with only images).


                  Not so long ago, I created a movie which scrolled several pages of text in Hebrew, using Director MX 2004.  The pages were all stored as 8-bit grayscale images.   I used the grayscale image as the alpha channel for a coloured 32-bit image, so that the white pixels in the 8-bit image became transparent.  I used a modification of the behavior in the demo movie above to scroll the image of the text and a parchment background simultaneously.  The result was that the text appeared to be written on the parchment.  The person who dealt with the preparing the images of the text did not have to have any knowledge of Director.


                  Director MX 2004 will not display Unicode text, regardless of the font you use.  You must use Director 11.x (preferably 11.5) if you want to use Unicode text in a Director text member.  I suggest that you copy the foreign text from your Word document and paste it into  graphics application which can handle Unicode text.  You can then save the resulting image in a format that Director can import.


                  The text that you pasted was probably in Helvetica in the original Word document, and Director tried to oblige you by using the same font.

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                    Sandra Rosen Level 1

                    Thank you so very much!


                    I will try this solution during the next couple of weeks (I will be 

                    away at a conference this week). It sounds like it will work.  I will 

                    let you know.


                    Thanks again.