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    Directory or file cannot be created


      When I try to copy my pictures to a flash drive or to the desktop, for some of them (not all) I get the

      message "Cannot copy (picture number): the directory or file cannot be created." Help! I'm using Windows XP.

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          Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

          Are the failing files failing consistently, or is the error coming up for different files?


          If you are dragging from Starter Edition, if there is a red icon over the image, it is disconnected, meaning that Starter Edition doesn't know where the file is; that could cause the error, if that's the case.


          Use the Recoonect Missing files command under the File menu, then try again.



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            Becky0418 Level 1

            It is the same files all the time, but there's no red icon and the reconnect files

            didn't work.  Any other suggestions?

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              Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

              The reconnect didn't work? Can you clarify; do you mean that reconnect failed to find the file in it's original location, or it was working fine?


            • 1. If reconnect isn't finding the original file, and the file is indeed disconnected, then note the name of the file in the Properties panel, and use Windows to search for the file. Could be that it was just moved and Starter Edition needs help locating it. Or....
            • 2. to eliminate Starter Edition (in case it's causing the problem), select one of the problematic files, select View>View Properties, and where it lists the location of the file, click on the little folder icon; that will open Explorer and show you where that file is on your hard drive. Find the file in that directory, then right click on it, and select 'Copy'.


              Then go to wherever you are trying to save the file, open the folder you want it to be copied to, then right click and select Paste; that will create a copy of that file. Do you see the error then?