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    BlendShader stops my MotionTweens ? CS4 HELP !




      i have a MovieClip with some MotionTweens and they work great.

      However, as soon as i modify the MC's BlendMode or BlendShader using AS3 (im targetting Flash10) the Tweens stop.

      I dont have the slightest clue why that happens...


      I have build a very simple test case for the problem: http://uploaded.to/file/ryk0vg


      On the Actionslayer you will a couple code lines (there is a comment in german, just ignore it, if you remove the // comment sign, you will see that

      the animation stops as soon as the blendshader is active).


      I have included a swc that that implements some custom blendshaders. However, instead of assigning a blendShader, you can simply assign a flash blendmode using code. the same will happen.


      what am i missing ? i can not believe that it is not possible to use the motion editor if some basic actionscript code is used.


      please, if you have a solution for my problem, respond to this thread