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    Integrating with .NET

    SDE_SAL Level 1

      Hey All,

      I want to call a Colf-fusion method from my .NET code.  I never code in CF, is there a way i can make a call to CF functions that returns value and can use that value in my C# class in .NET


      code snippet i had

         <cffunction name="getResult" access="public" returntype="query">

      <cfargument name="d_id" required="Yes">

                                      <cfargument name="trk_name" required="Yes">

      <cfquery name="get_details" datasource="xyx">


      </cfquery> //various queries like this..

        <cfif Not(IsDefined("get_details"))>

                      <cfset get_details = QueryNew("")>


      <cfreturn get_details>



      To be more clear- Is there a way i can call the function which returns get_details

      Would appreciate if any one can help in suggesting some solution to this,