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    Using trial- can't find audio & can't make post roll


      I am trying PPro CS5 and have two things I cannot figure out.  First I would like to create a video with the following flow:

      Title > Transition > Vid Camera shots > transition > Post Roll

      I made the title and imported the video.  The video has been copied to my hard drive and was shot in AVCHD, which means it is an MTS file.  When I double click on the file (outside of PPro) it plays just fine.  When I preview it in the source monitor, there is no audio.  (1) How do I get the audio?  One thing I thought was strange is when opening a new project, there is no choice for AVCHD.  So, i assume it is not available in the trial.  Is this true?  Surely it is in the finished product.


      When I try to make the post roll, the title slide pops onto the screen and I cannot get rid of it.  When I made the title, I selected "default still" and when I try to create the post roll, I selected "default roll".  How can I make this work without automatically getting the title slide?