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    Intro video on website using FC CS5

    kaydawgy1999 Level 1

      So I created a 30 second intro video for a window tinting company using Adobe After Effects.  I'm putting together the website using Catalyst CS5 from a photoshop mock-up page that I created a while back.  My question is, how do I set Catalyst CS5 to automatically play the intro video with the home page behind it, but about 50 percent opaque everytime you log in for the first time.

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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi kaydawgy,


          Overlaying a 50% transparent video is the easy part: just import your video (in FLV or MP4 format) into Catalyst via File > Import.  Then select the video and in the Properties panel change its opacity.


          Now the question is, when do you want this video to appear?  I'm not sure from reading your post if you want (a) it appears at the beginning every time a person logs in / visits the site, like a splash screen, or (b) it appears only the very first time a person logs in, ever.


          If you want (a), just place the video in the first state of your app and check off "Auto play" in the Properties panel to have it start playing automatically when the site is visited.  To have it automatically go away when the video ends, just attach an "On Video Play Complete" interaction to the video and either transition to a new state where the video object is hidden from view.


          Hope that helps!


          - Peter

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            kaydawgy1999 Level 1

            Pete you da man! Can I call ya Pete?