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    Choppy playback with CS5 and Canon 5Dmk2 files


      Hi all!


      I have a problem and I'm getting really frustrated with it. It seems that can't get even one track with 5D mk2 files playing back without serious problems... My machine is


      Athlon X2 7750 Black Edition 2.7 GHz AM2+ CPU

      8 gigabyte of RAM (Patriot)

      RAID0 2x250GB (motherboard RAID, presume it's software?)  + 250GB for scratch + 500GB for source material

      Nvidia 480GTX (Zotec) with hack for CS5, latest drivers from Nvidia

      onboard Nvidia 8300 graphic card

      Premiere CS5

      Windows 7, 64bit.


      maybe irrelevant but I have three monitors connected to those cards - 2560x1600 HP and Sony TV 1920x1080 at 480GTX and one Samsung 1920x1080 at Nvidia 8300... I heard there could be problems with multiple monitors setup?


      Not a single 5D mk2 file can't be played without stuttering, although even if I put 10 layers of those files the ribbon is still yellow but then everything freezes if I try to play it (the sound goes on but video stops).. What to do? Is i7 the solution?