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      I have a Asus Z8NA-D6 with 2x Xeon X5550 at the moment, the issue is that the mobo does not support full performance of a Raid Card.

      and at stock xeon  GHZ my i7-920 at 4.2GHZ performs as good.




      My options


      1. to keep the xeon x5550 and wait for the new EVGA SR2, and OC xeon. aprox £500 to buy,



      2. sell the mobo and xeons, 


      and buy a new mobo and a 980x.  aprox £1200 to buy


      I already have the rest of the parts.




      what do you guys think.


      if option 2 what mobo do you think ????, i was thinking of the ASUS P6T7 WS again, as i have been happy with the results so far.



          Harm Millaard Level 7

          According to the Asus website, the differences between the P6T WS Pro and the P6T7 WS Super are mainly in the number of PCIe slots, but since SLI is not supported by Adobe, that is hardly relevant. What may make a difference is the different 1394 chip used. LSI Agere versus Via and 2 1394 connectors versus 1.


          Bill Gehrke has been using the P6T7 WS Super, but has had some trouble with memory and with some raid controllers. These were relatively minor and could have been caused by bad sticks, not by the mobo.


          Since addidtional PCIe slots are not relevant for an additing machine, unless you need to install more than a 16x video card and an 8x raid controller, the price difference makes me give a nod to the P6T WS Pro.


          So the question is really if your current dual X5550 system can be sold at such a price that you do not have to pay a premium for another i7-980x system. If you can get around 700+ pounds, your total expenses would be completely comparable, around 500 guid.


          From a performance POV, a single i7-980x OC'ed may do better than a dual X5550 OC'ed (depending on the level of OC-ing of course), because of the expected problems with OC-ing the ECC memory.

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            Baz R Level 3

            hi, harm thanks for your input,


            the evga mobo will also accept non ecc memory, meaning i could use the existing memory.


            I have joined the evga forum for further info.


            I have to think this over, I will make my mind up by monday.



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              Baz R Level 3

              I have made my mind up.


              I will be using my existing mobo Asus P6T 7 WS super

              and buy a 980x


              I tried the xeon x5550 in my Asus mobo, and it did not OC as well as the i7-920. but that could be that i have a very good i7-920 cpu.


              so my dual cpu xeon setup and mobo is up for sale now.