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    Column span and crashing

    Paolo Tramannoni Level 1



      Is anyone else facing this kind of problem? I have a page with various columns (three). The columns are hosting a narrow, but long table. The introductory paragraphs (title and legend) are spanned across the columns.


      Each time I do any edit (applying a text style, deleting a line) InDesign freezes. I get this kind of error in the Console:


      12/06/10 13:45:18 [0x0-0x36d36d].com.apple.Safari[30282] Sat Jun 12 13:45:18 MacBook-Pro-di-PaoloT.local Safari[30282] <Error>: CGImageDestinationCreate destination parameter is nil

      12/06/10 13:45:18 [0x0-0x36d36d].com.apple.Safari[30282]  

      12/06/10 13:46:56 /usr/sbin/spindump[91509] process 91490 is being monitored

      12/06/10 13:46:57 /usr/sbin/spindump[91509] process 91490 is being force quit

      12/06/10 13:46:59 kernel IOHIDSystem::relativePointerEventGated: Capping VBL time to 20000000 (was 26824595)

      12/06/10 13:47:03 com.apple.launchd[169] ([0x0-0x528127c].com.adobe.InDesign[91490]) Exited: Terminated

      12/06/10 13:47:29 SubmitReport[91514] missing kCRProblemReportProblemTypeKey

      12/06/10 13:47:31 /usr/sbin/ocspd[91517] starting

      12/06/10 13:47:33 SubmitReport[91514] Submitted compressed hang report for Adobe InDesign CS5

      12/06/10 13:50:32 /usr/sbin/spindump[91527] process 91518 is being monitored

      12/06/10 13:50:34 /usr/sbin/spindump[91527] process 91518 is being force quit

      12/06/10 13:50:38 com.apple.launchd[169] ([0x0-0x5287282].com.adobe.InDesign[91518]) Exited: Terminated


      I reported this to Adobe, but I would see if anyoady has a workaround. I solved using the old way (separated text frames), but this prevents one of the features of CS5.



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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Bad font perhaps?



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            I've got the same problem but a slightly different context. I'm trying to apply a the span attribute to an existing style. The doc I'm working in has been converted from CS3 and saved with modifications.

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I've got similar results, any sort of span  or split column results in InDesign slowing to snails pace and then eventually crash.


              Can you post your system specs?

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                Paolo Tramannoni Level 1

                Bob, according to FontExplorer X there are no problems with the fonts. Not strange, since I only have the system fonts, and the fonts installed by the various Creative Suite editions.


                Eugene, maybe the complete system profile is a bit too great? What could be essential to understand the problem?



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                  Joel Cherney Level 5

                  I tried to reproduce the crashing that Eugene reported, and could not. I have a decent C2D with 4 gigs of RAM, and with those specs all I could do was experience slightly-slower-than-expected performance when working with column-spanning headers. However, when I start my Ubuntu VM, and start the processes that cause it to consume about 2 gigs of RAM, then my system specs degrade to the minimum RAM acceptable to ID (just more than 2 gigs) and I start experiencing multi-second delays.


                  My hunch is that this particular feature requires more resources than the minimum spec from Adobe... or that a buggy plugin is crashing when it doesn't do garbage collection quick enough to prevent the host system from running out of available RAM. Just a hunch, I'm not a developer at all, but the whole thing smells like a memory leak to me. I could never get it to crash, though, so perhaps I'm only muddying the path with my posts about my attempts to reproduce it.

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                    Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Your processor speed and model, the operating system, RAM and graphics card specs.

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                      Paolo Tramannoni Level 1

                      Eugene, here there are:


                      MacBook Pro Aluminium (Early 2008), Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz, Mac OS X 10.5.8 Italian, 4 GB of RAM, GeForce 8600M GT with 256 MB of RAM.



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                        shutterthug Level 1

                        I just noticed that when I use column span on a two-column text block with vertical justification on, every letter I change or add on that spanned line yields a 1-second spinning disc pause, as if the computer doesn't know what to do. Doesn't lead to a crash on my Mac Pro, but it does drive me nuts until I turn it off—which I don't want to do.  Thought I'd share...

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                          cs666 Level 1

                          2 years on, and this issue still exists in CS6. Win7/64, 12GB RAM, delayed screen update.


                          I often - but not always - get it with split columns on a table. Other 'complications' may be column break character following, or an anchored object. I wish I had more time to isolate the issue...


                          I have tried exporting to idml, then reopening - same. The only way I can edit split table content sometimes is to remove the split, make the edit, then reapply the split 3/4.


                          Sometimes, even changing the size of a linked text frame that contains a split table is enough to lock up the program - even if there are no text flow changes from this, due to a column break character and plenty of free space below it...

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                            CAlyanak Level 1

                            I'm pulling my hair out with the same problem. Every time I try to change any table related formatting I crash. I'm on a 400 page document with several tables, some with span others without. The span concept is great but of no use if we cannot use it effectively. I am now going to go through the document and 'try' to delete the tables and reinsert them as unanchored objects. Nuts and frustrating.

                            BTW, I've gone through the full set of debugging steps to no avail.

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                              And almost another year later and STILL no resolution?


                              Brand new, souped up macbook and crashes when I try to use span columns. Sometime, if there are only a handful of items that span columns, it works, though sluggishly. Adobe? Care to chime in on this one at all?

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                                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                I'm not Adobe, but why would you expect new hardware would fix a bug?

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                                  I think DeezleDeeDee was referencing several of the posters above that talk about minimum spec for InDesign vs possible spec required for this particular feature as a potential solution to the issue.  E.g., if a brand new MacBook can't cut it, and the bug was noted here 2.5+ years ago, then it's not (likely) an underspec-hardware problem as was contemplated above.

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                                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                    Fair enough, but as you say, this is an old thread, and the problem has been identified and logged as a bug (and discussed as such elsewhere on the forums) since this thread was active. We eagerly await a fix to this, along with some other bugs, but I'm not holding my breath.