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    Buttons/MC on timeline don't appear until mouse roll over in browser

    danielnr87 Level 1

      Hello all,


      I am experiencing some weird behavior with some moveclips and buttons on my video player; (as2)




      I have created a video player that has the scrubber/playpause button actually move with the position in the video. There are other links that appear when the main video is at a certain point. There seems to be 2 problems with it which I cant figure out what is going on...


      -1st is that the scrubber is actually linked to the timeline (where the buttons are on) with the follwing code;

      MovieClip.prototype.scrubbb2 = function (x)
          var f2:Number = Math.round (this._totalframes * x);
          this.gotoAndStop (f2);


      For some reason the timeline starts from when the video is buffering, so its all out of sync with certain points in the video. But when you move the scrubber, the timeline seems to 'snap' into place and then all the videos line up. What have I done wrong here?!


      -2nd is that the link buttons will not appear unless the mouse is over the flash video player on the webpage. If your mouse is out of the video player nothing appears when its meant to. as soon as you put the mouse cursor into the flash player the links (that are meant to be visible) appear instantly. Is there a way to make them always appear on time?!


      Any help is greatly appreciated