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    States, From Flash to Flex!


      Hi - I'm new of Flex.


      I have see that if i select Flex SDk 3.5 or ADOBE SDK (i want to build Extensions for Illustrator) than i can create State nested in other State.


      State 1

          State 1.1

          State 1.2

      State 2

          State 2.1

          State 2.2

              State 2.3


      Instead, If i select Flex 4 SDK i can't nested an State inside other State.


      Basically, i want to create an Application that can be in 3 State.



         - Success

         - Failed


         - CreateUser

         - EditUser

         - ManageUser


        - CreateProfile

        - EditProfile

        - GetProfile


      What is the best method in order to do That?


      In flash:

      3 MovieClip, every movie have 'n' frame ... or 1 MovieClip for every "SCREEN" and i create it dinamically with new .... and addChild.


      In Flash is Easy for me ... But in Flex? :-)



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          David_F57 Level 5



          What you do is create your application with the 3 states login, Admin, User,


          Theses state each include a form/page



            has 2 states - Success, fail


          has 3 states - create, edit , manage


          has 3 states - create, edit, get


          If you want each of those states could be in their own mxml.


          http://gumbo.flashhub.net/wizard/  source included.


          This is a very basic 3 state application each state in its own mxml file. It Will give you an idea of states controling 'pages'.



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            Davdi1982 Level 1

            Hi - Thanks you.


            I'm in LOGIN_PANEL and i want to get reference of a TEST_PANEL (created by me).


                     protected function button1_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
                            // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                            var myB:Browserstyle_Navigation = this.parentDocument as Browserstyle_Navigation;
                            trace(myB.name+"_"); // trace - Browserstyle_Navigation0_
                            trace(myB.mytestPanel); trace - null


            In the Browserstyle_Navigation.MXML:

                    <s:State name="LoginPanel"/>
                    <s:State name="EntryPanel"/>
                    <s:State name="ResultPanel"/>
                    <s:State name="TestPanel"/>


                <ns1:test_pnl name="myTestPanel2" id="myTestPanel" includeIn="TestPanel" horizontalCenter="0" verticalCenter="0">





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              David_F57 Level 5



              With states they only get instantiated when they are displayed if you want to send something to a state or read a value in it you need to set its creationpolicy to all so that it is initialised at the beginning instead of when it is displayed.




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                Davdi1982 Level 1


                With this example, i want show you that when i work with Illustrator SDK (inside Flash Builder) i can create state inside other state.

                Why i can't do it with a normal Flash Builder Project? :-)