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    Transitions to two states at application start?


      I'm having a fairly simple question, but I cant find any way to solve it....


      I have a blank page as "Page1", and a "Page2" with some layers visible. I have made an interaction so that on application start, it goes from page1 to page2 with smooth transitions... Thing is though, once page2 has finished "playing", I want it to continue to a page3, without needing to click anything.


      So, basically, when the application start, I want it to go from page1 to page2, and when page2 has finished playing, it will continue to page3.



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          I have the same problem, and it seems like it is just not possible . The only way to do that would be to set a custom action sequence in the first state. Honestly I am very disapointed with FC, it seems easy and efficient at first sight, but you soon get to struggle to perform very basic task such as creating a slide show or embeding youtube videos.


          FC CS5 is still a beta for me.

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            Bear Travis Adobe Employee



            A page can only control its own page / state change. Basically, Page 1 can make itself transition to Page 2, but Page 1 can't make Page 2 transition to Page 3. This structure is in place to make sure that pages don't mess with each other. For example, if Page 1 says Page 2 should transition to Page 3, but Page 2 says it should transition to Page 4, then what should Catalyst do?


            In response to your question, the way to get Catalyst to auto-advance on a given page is to either:

            1. Bring your project in to Builder and add some code to do the transition
            2. Embed a small video asset, use it as a timer and transition using the "On Video Play Complete" interaction. Read more here.