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    How to fix audio  of a video captured from DV output of camcorder using Adobe Premiere Elements 8?




      I purchased Adobe Premiere Elements 8 about one week ago.  I installed it and everything seem to work well in my first project.  I am new at editing videos but I was succesful in testing it by loading an existing video file in avi format from my computer and then doing some very basic editing (I splitted 2 scenes and added a title). 


      After my first succesful project (described above) I started a brand new project. Here, I want to capture a one hour video  from the dv output of a video camera. So I connected the camera to the PC and then started adobe elements 8.  Before starting the capture I only checked the boxes that said "capture video" and "capture audio" (the other 2 boxes that said download to timeline and autoanalyze were left unchecked).  After that I started the capture process.


      After the video capture was completed, a small window opened at the bottom saying that a PEAK FILE was being generated.    After the peak file generation finished, I looked at the captured video.  The video looked perfect.  However the audio of the video was too fast. By this, I mean that the voices of the people in the movie were like they were speaking at more than twice the normal speed.  Or to explain it in a different way, they sounded like the  chipmunks.


      So now I come to the question of this thread I started.  Is there a way that I can fix the audio part of the video I captured?  I will appreciate any help on this. Below I listed a few additional details in case this is needed.







      PS.  Here are some more details about my system:


      1) Operating System: Windows XP

      2) I am capturing the video on an external drive with 40 GB of available space. The external drive is connected to a PC via a USB connection.

      3) Computer CPU: 2.4 GHZ

      4) Computer RAM: 1.25 GB

      5) Video tape is about one hour long.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Can you confirm that you're capturing from a miniDV camcorder over Firewire? And that you have your project set up as a DV project?


          If this is the case, I'm not sure what the problem is. It does take the program a few seconds to create the peak files, the wave form you see on your clip on the timeline -- and this could take a while with such a large clip. But it's usually pretty painless with DV footage.


          40 gigs of free space is a bit tight for an hour's worth of footage. But, assuming  you've got the drive formatted to NTFS rather than FAT32 and that you've freshly defragged it, it should be good enough for this clip.


          Meantime, I'd definitly look into tripling that RAM load! You're way too light for DV video editing!


          Also, make sure you've got at least 30 gigs of free space on  your C drive and that that too is freshly defragmented and up to date.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            What are the audio settings in the camera, from which you did the Capture? When you run the resultant AVI file through the great, free utility, G-SPOT, what does it say about the Audio portion?


            I would guess that the Audio setting on the camera are something like 32KHz 12-bit, but until we know, there could be other issues.


            Also, please tell us about your system's I/O sub-system, i.e. your HDD's, their size, speed, controller type, free space, and how you have them allocated.


            Good luck, and welcome to the forum,



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              ronel_8 Level 1

              Hello Bill and Steve,


              Your responses are very helpful.  Although I was not able to fix the problem yet I do seem to think from what you both say that my system may be too slow to capture the one hour video. In any case I will copy below more details about the system as you requested:


              1) Results from running Gspot:

              The audio section of the Gspot window was blank. That is, no information was there.  The File and Container sections say:

              File Size: 12.6 GB

              Note: 7.63 GB unneeded bytes at the end of the file

              DV Type1 AVI


              2) I did run the Gspot on another good avi file (captured to the PC with same camcorder) and says:

              Codec PCM Audio

              32kHz 1024 kb/s tot (2 chnls).


              I suppose these are the audio settings from the camera.


              3) Yes, I am capturing video from a miniDV camcorder (JVC GR-D70U).

              4) I did not defragment the external drive prior to capturing the video with the audi problem.  So I will give that I try and see if it solves the problem.

              5) The external drive I am using is formatted to NTFS.

              6) The computer is a Dell Dimension 2400, CPU: 2.4 GHZ, RAM: 1.25 GB

              7) HDD Size=74GB and 11 GB of free space.  But I am downloading video to external drive that has 60 GB free space.


              One last piece of information that may be useful.  If I open the AVI file (that I captured with Adobe Premiere Elements) with Windows Media Player, the audi sounds good.  However if I open it with Adobe it has the problem I mentioned in my previous e-mail.


              I'll aprreciate any further hints.


              Thanks again,