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    Is there a limit to the amount of SWCS I can use in my Flash Builder app?


      I have 3 swc folders in my flash builder project that includes about 40 swcs total. Each swc is a simple flash animation with a size of about 500 kb each. When I include and complile about 20 of them in my project, things work fine.


      When I try to include all my swcs, the app compiles, but when i make changes in my code and save those changes, each time the compile becomes slower and eventually my flash builder freezes at about 52%, gives me a "java heap error" message, and then crashes. After restarting FB, when I take out most of the swcs from the build, FB acts normal again. Attached is a screen shot of my error.


      Is there a limit in size or amount of swcs that I can use in my FB application?