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    View in document library


      I've been running a laptop with XP and a desktop with Vista.  On these OS's when I look at my document's library in xlarge or large view I can see the picture of the first page of a document.  Thought I was being super clever by scanning quilt patterns from magazines and loading to my computer to consolidate storage.  Was working fabulously.  However I have added a new laptop with Windows 7 and all I see is a page saying Adobe PDF.  I was told to uninstall Adobe 9 and reinstall.  I believe I had Adobe 9.1 now with the reinstall I have 9.3.2.  This is the same as my Vista computer.


      This is beyond a major inconvenience now.  I've looked through all the settings I can think of.  Can anyone tell me if this is a Windows 7 issue or if you know of a setting I can change.  Your help is appreciated.  Thank you,