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    Flash CS5 slow and not working properly


      Dear all,


      I have a serious problem on my machine.


      Some months ago I bought Master Collection CS5 and worked fine without problem with Flash and Flex.


      Last week I took a virus and I need to format and re-install my pc.


      After that I re-installed Master Collection but now, Flash is veeeeeeeeeeery slow and some functions doesn't work properly.


      for example, if I open a fla file (made before format) and I try to align a symbol on the stage, it doesn't works!!! it makes nothing! I click on the button and nothing happens!


      I already try to uninstall and re-install but the problem persist.

      The configuration is the same that i had before format, I only updatet my antivirus to Avast 5, but I don't think that's the problem.


      My configuration is this:


      Notebook HP Pavillion DV6 2056el

      Intel i720

      4Gb DDR3

      nVidia 1Gb

      500Gb HD Sata2


      Someone can help me?