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    Errore di Macromedia Projector

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      Io uso Director MX 2004 super aggiornato ed ho questo problema. Quando
      navigo tra i vari movie (.dir) che ho creato, mi da un errore di
      macromedia projector casuale random (non sempre allo stesso posto). Quasi
      sempre l'errore lo imputa all'extra "sound control.x32".

      Ho notato per� che su alcuni Pc lo f� e su altri no!

      HELP ME!

      I use Director MX 2004 10.1 and have this problem. When I am annoying
      between the several movie (.dir) that I have created, they not always give
      an accidental error to me of macroaverage projector random (to the same
      place). Nearly always the error charges it to the extra ?sound
      control.x32?. I have noticed but that on some PC ago and others not!
      HELP ME!

      Ps. Sorry for my imperfect english! :P

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