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    Can´t render/read mov. files




      I just upgraded from cs4 to cs5 and I discovered that cs5 won´t let me render anything that has to do with the quicktime codec. I tried to render some h.265 mov files but seconds after I started the render I got a error message (error code: -1610153464), after that failed attemped to render a mov cs5 refuses to read any mov files in my project or and refused to import other mov files so that I had to restart the program. I get a message saying that the "MooV" file is probably damaged. I tried every mov. codec and a lot of mov. files I got, to exclude the chance that it has to do with one of my mov. files I used. CS4 has absolutely no problems reading the same files or rendering mov files. Rendering avis, tiff-sequences etc. in cs5 works fine.

      I already tried to reinstall cs5, but still got the error message.

      System is OS X 10.6.3 on an i7 iMac. (German Adobe Production Suite)

      Any ideas?



      Bildschirmfoto 2010-06-02 um 22.27.12.png

      Bildschirmfoto 2010-06-02 um 22.48.07.png

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