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    button problem..

    kitsuki00 Level 1

      Hi there,


           my button appears to have a problem.. it seems like their disabled. i can't click them, the animation doesn't work, it won't go to the given state. yeah it seems to be disabled. anybody could help me out here?


           Default state is 'Up' for those who might ask.



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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi kitsuki,


          On thing that could cause this is un-checking "Accepts mouse events" in the Properties panel for the button or the objects within it.  Have you done that by any chance?


          If not, are you able to share your project with us so we can investigate further?  You can either post your FXP file to the forum, or share it privately with us via Acrobat.com: use your forum ID to logon, then upload the file and share with my email address: pflynn (adobe.com).


          - Peter