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    Flex ArrayCollection changing values

    Mark Forsberg Level 1
      We are using the following code to create a string that we can use as the "data" value in a Flex 2 combobox. The data is originally being pulled from our Active Directeory. q_GetAllEmployeesMod.data is in the form of a GUID.

      <cfset temp = querySetCell(q_getAllEmployeesFinal,"Data",'#binaryEncode(toBinary(toBase64(q_getAllEmplo yeesMod.data)),'hex')#'&':'&'#q_getAllEmployeesMod.mailnickname#')>

      One example of the string that we get is 35EFBFBD2A4EEFBFBD3A6F47EFBFBDEFBFBDEFBFBDEFBFBD1D67EFBFBD5:bsmith

      The query that we are creating works just fine. However, when that query is called through a CFC and passed to flex 2 in a Remote Object and create an ArrayCollection we get the following value


      It appears that the connector is converting the first Hex number that we are passing as a string into another Hex number. Of course then when we attempt to use those values against a db they don't match. Has anyone run across this?


      Mark F.