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    Attach Dynamic Sounds to NetStream

    Sean S Murphy Level 1

      Can I attach something other than my microphone to the p2p netstream? (for example if i wanted to manipulate my mic sound and then brodcast it, or if i wanted to brodcast a dynamic sound, or even rebrodcast someone else's audio) On a similar note, perhaps attach a modified video image (say after i've applied a pixel bender filter or something similar)



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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          you can't attach anything other than a camera or microphone to a publish NetStream.


          however, you can send arbitrary data* with NetStream.send(), and new with Flash Player 10.1 is NetStream.appendBytes().  there might be interesting ways of hooking that up...


          * - the entire AMF serialized message for a 1:1 NetStream.send() should be no greater than 64KB for best results in Flash Player 10.1.  that number may get bigger in future releases.

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            There are some softwares which can do Software Audio Mix work. Users can mix a music and mic together, and then publish in the stream. Many netbooks dosn't support sound mix in hardware can use this software.

            It's amazing if FlashPlayer can do software sound mix.