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    Lens blur doesn't work in CS5


      I follow a tutorial and apply lens blur effect to a picture, using a comp as the depth map. The comp contains a solid layer with a Ramp effect which creates a gradient between white and black.

      but there is no blur effect at all.

      if I choose "none" as the depth map, the picture will appear blured(iris radius is 15), but if only I use any thing (i have tried a comp, a jpeg picture with no effect) as the depth map, there will be no effect at all.


      my AFX  is CS5 64-bit, running on win7


      Anyone knows why?


      below is a screenshot


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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Precompose the solid-color layer with the Ramp effect. Right now, the Lens Blur effect is looking at the white solid-color layer before the Ramp effect is rendered.


          from "Compound effects and control layers":


          "The compound effect ignores effects, masks, and transformations of a control layer. To use the results of effects, masks, and  transformations on a layer, precompose the layer and use the precomposition layer as the control layer."

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            protossor Level 1

            thanks for your reply, bu i did pre-composed the solid layer (if I did it corectly as shown in the picture above) .

            in addition, even if i use a bitmap as depth map, there is no effect. However everything works well with compound blur. Len blur and compound blur should work in nearly the same way, right?

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              protossor Level 1

              your file doesn't have any effects, either !!

              the "test" appears very sharp and if I use"none" as the depth map, the letters will be blured.

              it seems my software has something wrong, but I can't figure out why..... Can you send me the your filter file, so I can try to replace mine with it. you can just send it to my email: tony1@yahoo.com.cn


              Anyway, thanks for your quick reply.

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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                When I open this project, the text 'test' looks like this:




                Is that not what you see?


                The text layer has the Lens Blur effect applied, with the control layer set as the Depth Map Layer, like so:




                The control layer is a precomposition layer that contains a solid-color layer with a radial ramp effect.

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Have you tried turning off Open GL?

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                    protossor Level 1

                    Since I have seen really a lot of tutorials and the help documents related to this effect, I think I understand what you want me to do. Unfortunately, the solid layer is precomposed and then works as a depth map. but there is no blur effect.

                    the 4 letters "test" don't look like yours, it has no blur effect, the settings in the lens blur effect is exactly the same with yours, and the iris radius is 15 by default.


                    I also tried to use a solid layer with no effects as depth map, and the lens blur seems to work correctly. With "invert depth map" unchecked, a pure black solid layer makes "test" unblured, a grey solid layer makes it blured a little, and a white solid layer makse it blured the most. However, when i paint on the solid layer, if the brush stroke doesn't overlay with the text area, the lens blur will have effects; if only the brush stroke intersects with the text, lens blur will have no effects at all. it seems that the lens blur effect cannot compute the blur effects with the map if the area involved in computing has more than one grey scale value This is really really wired and non-intuitive.


                    Thanks for your help. I guess, maybe some other settings, or the effect filter itself has something wrong, but I have no idea how to solve the problem.

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                      protossor Level 1

                      I try to turn off the Open GL, start AFX again and the problem is still there.

                      i also try to RENDER the project Todd gave me. No effects.

                      I want to try replacing the effect filter and see whether it works~~~