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    running mxmlc from command line - unable to open file

      Hello all,

      Just tried to get Flex up and running - but have run into probably a simple problem. Here's the scenario:
      1. I've put the flex 2.0 installation folder on my C drive such that the path is c:\flex_sdk_2
      2. I've set my system path to reference the the mxmlc with c:\flex_sdk_2\bin
      3. I've set up a folder on my desktop for my flex programs, creatively called 'flex'
      4. From my command line I use 'xmxlc --strict=true --file-specs filename.mxml'

      My output is this:
      Loading configuration file <etc>
      Error: unable to open filename.mxml

      As I said before, probably an easy fix but thought I'd put something up to see if anybody knew an answer off the top of their head? I'm running Windows XP. Home Edition, V. 2002 if it helps.

      Many thanks!