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    AcroRd.32Info.exe error message


      after opening a pdf file (created from printing webpage to pdf) the following error message appears AcroRd32Info.exe; - the instruction at ox-0700609c referenced memory at ox-00000014. The memory could not be read. Click Ok to terminate the program.


      OS is windows xp sp3

      browser is IEv8 & firefox v3.6


      Adobe Acrobat prov7, Adobe Reader v9 & Abbey Fine Reader are installed on the system.


      I would appreciate any info what it is, and solution to fix it.





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          370H55V Level 4

          This is a Windows problem, more specifically a Windows NTFS problem. It was rather common with Windows NT 4.0 and just slightly less common with Windows 2000, both built on the NT file system, which Windows XP runs on by default (You have to select FAT32 at install or it sets up the OS in NTFS). The application is attempting to access memory on the HD (swap files I'm thinking) and the file(s) it finds are either incorrect or corrupted. This happens randomly with loads of software.



          Microsoft has a KB article about it and a "hotfix" for it here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/927385

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            pwillener Level 8

            AcroRd32Info.exe is a helper application for Adobe Reader.  When this error occurs, does Adobe Reader continue to function, or does it terminate as well?


            Can you try to uninstall Reader 9, then install the latest Reader version 9.3.2?

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              Je654 Level 1

              Sorry I did not include full information of the error message, it is: "Font Capture: AcroRd32Info.exe, Application Error", (the rest is the same)


              I uninstalled Adobe Reader v9.3.2 from the computer, restarted and opened the pdf files. The error message did not appear.

              I then downloaded and installed Adobe Reader v9.3.2 and restarted the computer. I opened a PDF file, and the error message appearred again. The PDF's are Adobe Acrobat file types when the mouse is hovered over them but they open in Adobe Reader, is this right?


              I have followed "I_know_nothing_alls" advice as far as completing the "workaround" steps for the Application Error dialog box, but I question that the fixes for the Automatic Update & BITS services are really relevant, but thanks anyway. Step 3 could not be completed, as the word "net" would not be recognised by the computer.  I will try the hotfixes with I assume the option to install to FAT32 at start up, though I hope to install Ubuntu OS and multiboot software again on the computer and might have to undo this again.