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    HELP... From "Its the same all over again"...PE won't recognize my DVD Burner


      Hi Guys,


      I am sitting with my computer repair guy. We have beaten my Dell Precision 340 desktop to death in an attempt to try to understand why its not recognizing its DVD burner. It started with the old Sony burner I had prior, but since it was old and very slow I took this opportunity to upgrade to a new higher speed Samsung DVD burner.


      So we removed the old, put in the new did anti virus tests, tried the Microsoft patch found here, and so far nothing. Its as simple as in PE the little cautionary yellow triangle comes up and says "DVD burner not detected" and the "rescan" button is greyed out and not an option I have.


      Its as complex as in when we try to burn ANYTHING through the desktop drag and drop its then shows as a CD drive once the blank disc is inserted,  and not a burner, of any type!!


      It will however burn a disc through NERO, but I have to save the project and then burn it from it stored location on the hard drive.


      This of course eliminates many of the assets of the program that I desire.


      I need any and all help you can give. Computer guy and I are at a total loss.


      Thanks in advance,