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    CS5 Premiere was working perfectly until last night... Now not responding. Any solutions?


      Hey all,


      So, for the past month I've had no problems editing with premiere. Then last night while editing on a much smaller project than normal, (same file types) the program started slowing down, considerably. Now, any keystroke puts the program into "not responding" and it takes minutes to select clips. I've restarted the computer, program, and looked at my cpu usage in the task manager. While the program is running, and then not responding, the computer is not stressing at all, 14% cpu, 31% memory. 


      Im running an i7 930@2.8GHz, 8gb ram, with ati hd 5770.


      What i dont understand is why I've had no issues until last night, and now I cant use the product at all. My After Effects still works fine at least.

      Any one else have this issue or know of a fix?