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    Easier way to search for Actionscript in FLA file?


      Is there an easier way to search for ActionScript in an FLA?


      I've inherited a Flash Project from a former co-worker, and have been searching for this particular source in my FLA file, but have not been able to find it:


      on (release) {


            trace("ID: " add this.id);



      I'm well aware that it's there _someplace_ and have tried going through every symbol listed in the project, to no avail. When running the movie in the debugger, I see it lsited under "Actions" for the button symbol "mpbutton".  However, when "editing" that button, I see no such actionscript associated.


      I've run a find on every file listed under my movie (under Frame Actions - F9), and cannot find the code there either.


      Can someone point me in the right direction? I've been looking for quite some time to no avail.