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    Fullscreen video lag


      System specs:


      3300+ AMD Athlon 64 processor (2.4GHz)

      1.5GB PC3200 DDR SDRAM memory

      GeForce 7600GS 512MB video card

      Windows XP Home 32-bit

      Internet Explorer 8 32-bit


      The problem I am having is simple:  Fullscreen videos lag, bad.  It looks like I'm getting half the FPS from windowed mode.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

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          joekingston Community Member

          I forgot to add, I'm using the latest version of Adobe Flash player (10.1) that was released earlier this week.

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            pwillener ACP/MVPs

            Only thing I can suggest is to toggle 'Enable hardware acceleration' (right-click on any online Flash object, then select Settings...).

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              joekingston Community Member

              I have tried Enabling and Disabling hardware acceleration.  No difference.

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                pwillener ACP/MVPs

                Sorry, no more suggestions.


                But, if this was happening on my machine, I would

                • check if newer device drivers for the graphics card are available;
                • check various Global Settings, e.g. local storage settings;
                • clear the Flash Player cache;
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                  joekingston Community Member

                  I'm using the latest non-beta, WHQL certified display drivers.


                  I've went over every Global setting but did not see anything relevent to my problem.


                  I just got done clearing the Flash Player cache, problem still remains.


                  Anyone else have any other suggestions?

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                    joekingston Community Member

                    I've noticed other users are having the same problem.  Anyone found a fix yet or possibly a reason why this is happening?

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                      The Kojoman

                      Same problem here too. Im trying to watch fullscreen video from different web sites (youtube, svtplay.se, tv4play.se, tv3play etc) but they all lag.

                      The computer is a Samsung N150 straight out of the box. All I've done is updated all drivers and software (win7). I've tried the tricks mentioned above without luck. Tried it in IE, chrome and firefox with same result. I've tried it in different screen resolutions. Funny thing is that if I set the screen to 800x600 the small (un-fullscreened) screen is almost filling the display and plays well, but when I put it on fullscreen, which practically only makes it a few percent larger, it starts lagging.

                      I've got an old hp tablet pc with less ram and less process power, but no lagging.

                      What is going on Adobe?

                      Fix this!