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    Formatting Error in Fireworks 8

      This is possibly the craziest bug I have ever reported on any software. That's saying quite a bit, as I have been programming for 22 years and have seen some real zingers.

      It appears that if you type a word into a text box in Fireworks 8 that has the letters "rs" in it, FW will insert a line break before the word and another linebreak between the "r" and the "s".

      Sounds crazy, right?

      Well, I've got the video to prove it. Fireworks "rs" flaw (12MB)..

      This is astonishing to me, considering the number of Fireworks and Dreamweaver users that are out there. How does a bug like this go unnoticed or unpatched?

      It makes working with the product laughable - as it does so many things extremely well. To be sidelined because of words containing "rs" is simply ridiculous.

      Is there something that I am doing to cause this behaviour? Has anyone else seen it?

      Is there a patch for it? (I am using FW