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    AVCHD Project Preset Questions


      I have video from a Canon HF10 (PF30) and Panasonic DMC-ZS3 (AVCHD 1280*720)  that I would like to process and eventually combine into a single 1920*1080p AVC or MPEG2 file using PrE.  Interspersed through this video will also be photo slideshows (1920*1080) and I'd like to use PrE all of the processing except that to downsize the photos.  I'm envisioning my workflow will include several steps that will process the diverse content into intermediate files that I will eventually combine into the final product.  What project presets should I use for the HF10, DMC-ZS3, and slideshows?  What is the best intermediate file format?


      Thanks in advance.