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    Saving image directly from CS4 to LR3 difficult to have show up in the library, why?

    John MacDonough

      I'm not finding photos that I saved from CS4 photoshop back to LR3 and can't understand what I am doing wrong.


      If I am doing a photomerge in Photoshop, I can easily open the two images from LR3 to PS. Once the work is done, I then have been hitting save back to the same catalogue file that the components were taken from in the LR3 file.


      I can see that the file is in the folder on the hard drive, but it is not automatically showing up in LR3.  It is taking much manipulation of importing and draging files to make it finally appear in LR3.  This was never a problem or issue with LR2.  I wonder if I am doing something wrong, or missing a click.


      Anyone else having this problem, or have any suggestions?