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    Adding short add on to PE video with limited time to process


      I am working on a video for my  daughters upcoming wedding. Mostly made  up of still pics, using PSE7 and  Preimier Elements 7.   Most of the  video is made of pics of the bride  and groom as children and young  adults.

      I would like to add a short clip  with some pics of the wedding ceremony  itself, but there is not enough  time between the wedding and reception  to render the entire file.  Is  there a way that I can have the main  video created, and create a second  short clip of the ceremony and tie  the two together in a short amount of  time?

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          nealeh Level 5

          PRE will always render an entire project so, even if you only add a clip or extra stills, it will still render the entire project before output.There are other options though - search for 'smart rendering' and you will find products that won't re-encode unchanged material.


          If you are planning to display the material using a PC (rather than a DVD-Player) you have many more options. For example export what you already have to a .wmv file, export the new clip to .wmv and then create a play list in Windows Media Player or Windows Media Centre to play both clips sequentially. Similarly you could convert to .mov and display with iTunes.


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