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    IE 32bit screen flashes after installing flash player


      I have Win 7 64 bit installed and this comes with IE32 and 64 bit.

      When using the 32 bit IE the images and links on the screen flash fast and continuesly

      I have deactivated my AV and started IE32 bit and the flashing continues

      I have started IE 32bit without add ons and the flashing stops

      Reinstall the flash player and the flashing starrts immediately

      Uninstall the Flash Player using the Adobe uninstaller and the flashing stops

      Reset IE32 bit and declined to install anything so I could add flash player only and the flashing starts immediately

      i have down loaded the IE fix it now programme to identify any conflictions with add ons and no problems were identified

      Win7 was a fresh install only a few weeks so i havent installed many 3 party programmes until i have sorted any issues including this.

      IE64 Bit does not have a problem but the flash player is not available for the 64bit

      Any advice would be gratefully received