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    Need some help please.


      i am quite new to flash so am still learning. i am trying to

      make an xml photo gallery. however my problem is that i keep getting the error message.

      '1180: Call to a possibly undefined method createThumb.' it says the source of the code is.


      '  var thumb:Sprite=new createThumb(img_holder,String(xml.img[i].@thumburl),String(xml.img[i].@mainurl));'


      so i think its a problem to do with the url. but as i copyed this code of a tutorial and not sure how i can resolve the issue. i have moved all the releated files into a new folder such as the

      xml file, actionscrip file, images and the .fla. however i am not sure where i need to change the url directory and dont know how.



      Thanks for any help



      Michael Down.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          no, it's saying there's no createThumb() method.


          ie, you need a class named createThumb in a file named createThumb.as.  recheck the tutorial and find that file.

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            Pigeon7081 Level 1

            Are you using ActionScript2 (AS2) or ActionScript3 (AS3)?


            That error sounds like you're using AS3 and the tutorial you're using is written in AS2. If you are using AS3 try switching to AS2 and see if you still get the error. The way you do that varries depending on which version of Flash you're using but the option should always be in the publishing options. Go to File > Publish Settings. Under "Script" change it to ActionScript 2.0.


            Hope that helps,