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    Existing 'load external .flv' code?

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      Recently, I found a great little Flash  project that acts like a jukebox for external mp3 song files, and am using it on my website to play my song demos.


      I'm now trying to find if there is an existing solution like that for video.  I just need some way to progressively download video files from my webspace when the thumbnail is clicked... and am now looking into some sort of Flash jukebox.


      I've tried just embedding the video files into HTML, but they don't progressively download for some reason (even though they are saved as Progressive With Compressed Header).  I've even tried using prettyPhoto (...a script that mimics a Lightbox like feature, where the whole page dims, and a floating window appears over your site, displaying any media, and allowing you to move back/forth through your list of media)..... works great, but again, not a progressive download, so you stare at a blank screen for a while.


      Seems the only way it works is if I have the file on YouTube or some other site, then embed it or use the prettyPhoto app.



      So, can someone either tell me how to make the embedded file download (OT, but I figured I'd ask), or point at some existing Flash file that serves as a video jukebox, showing all media on a common window?

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          You can load external .flv files which is placed on your web server. You have to add a small amount of AS3 code into your flash document. Please click on the below link




          Please use the sample code which is provided in the bottom of the page. In the code, you will find a line



          private var videoURL:String = "Video.flv";

          In the above line, instead of "Video.flv", you have to give your webserver path like http://www.domainname.com/foldername/videofilename.flv

          (The above code does the progressive download of an video)


          You can play the video through progressive download, by click on an image. To achieve that, you need to place the above code inside the mouse click function of an image.



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            Thanks for that reply.  I'll test that out.


            I still wish I could figure out why I can't seem to just embed the .mov files from my webspace....  I mean, it works, but it doesn't progressively download.  That's why I'm looking into alternatives, but ultimately I would really like to just use embedded vids just to keep it simple.


            Anyone have any idea why a embedded .mov file wouldn't progressively download (even thought it was exported as a Progressive Download With Compressed Headers from AfterEffects)?