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      I am a current Premiere Pro user. Actually like mostly everybody here, I have been a Premiere user since viersion 5 or so (going back to 1999) I believe. I am currently running a custom box with Win Vista and Master Collection CS4. The box has the basic Vista 64 bit Home Premium OS with all applicable updates and the Master Collection, 8GB Ram, etc. Its a pretty good system, certainly not  the best nor the worst. It has no other software except for Globalscape's CuteFTP Pro. I use it strictly as a work station and am religious about not going on the internet with it at all. It has a network connection strictly for transferring files to and from.


      I built this system in March 2009 and with regular maintenance it has been rock solid except for....you guessed it....Premiere Pro and Media Encoder. DW, FL, FW, PS, IL, ID and SB all pretty much run without a hiccup. Once in a great while AE may hang up but usually corrrects itself. 99% of the issues I encounter are with Premiere and Media Encoder. I know there are probabably a zillion different reasons, configurations, etc that can be talked about until blue in the face.


      I am going to build a new system in the next month or so and I am really torn on which direction to go. As much as I truly LOVE Adobe (and I do) I am growing increasingly frustrated with Premiere's instability issues. Adobe seems to spend more time working on hot new features and pumping out newer versions of the software than really addressing core stability issues, I'm sure I'm completely wrong but from my perspective that is how it appears.


      As I said I am going to be building a new system soon, or I should say, upgrading I suppose. I have read many many posts in here about the Mac vs PC, Premiere vs FCP, etc. I am not looking to start a heated thread by any means but would love the opinions from my fellow community.


      I am truly undecided as whether to go to Win7 Pro with CS5, or go to Mac with CS5, or go to Mac and CS5 but use FCP to edit in. End result is what do you think is the most "stable" option? I am aware that no OS or software package is perfect, just would like one that I can work in without continualIy fearing of a crash. I have read alot of opinions saying "stick with what you know", "a pc is cheaper", etc. I would rather spend the extra money and have more stability than less money for constant rebooting.


      I have not tried Win7 and I never had a Mac.


      Is Premiere CS5 mroe stable on Win7 than Vista? Is Premiere more stable on a Mac?


      Any opinions would be appreciated. If this is just another rehash of a decade old topic and no one chooses to reply I completely understand.


      Thank you for reading.



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Your stability experience is certainly not the norm.


          I'd go with Win7 and CS5 myself.  But then I've had no issues with CS4 to really complain about, and I just don't like Macs.

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            Shane P Level 3

            Thank you for the response Jim. I should have been more specific that the instability issues I experienced were when I had a very large project file and using Dynamic Link with a large project file. By large I mean approx a couple hundred sequences and about 14 hours of imported footage. After reading other posts on here and various other forums the Dynamic link issue did appear to be common with users with large project files.

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I can't comment on Dynamic Link 'cause I've never used it... but I had ZERO problems with my old computer and CS3 and HAVE zero problems (so far) with my new computer and CS5


              I discuss my old/new hardware on my notes page http://www.pacifier.com/~jtsmith/ADOBE.HTM


              To find out what to build, you should go to the hardware sub-forum and start by reading everything for the past 2-3 months



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                Curt Wrigley Level 4

                The focus for CS5 was stability and performance.  You will notice there are few new bells and whistles in CS5, beyond things associated with stability and performance.


                If you have a stable well sized system; it will be rock solid.   CS5 is by far the best release of Pr adobe has ever done.

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                  Eric Addison User Group Manager

                  Sorry you've had such a rough go with CS4, Shane. I've had a very smooth experience with Adobe products, and since buying my HP workstation 3 years ago I've really had no problems. If you're building your own system, make sure you get one that meets Adobe specs and get input from some of the people on this forum who really know their stuff in that regard (I'm not one of them).


                  I've got CS5 running on my VIsta 64 HP workstation and it's running great - no problems. Same thing on my HP laptop...it's running Win 7 with CS5 and no problems there.


                  In regards to stability, it seems from my perspective and observation of this and other forums that many of the people who have stability issues are the ones who build their own system. I'm not a hardware/IT guy (and for all I know you are), but as I mentioned above, talk to other video editors who've built their own systems. Following their advice may give you a smoother experience when using a Windows computer.


                  In regards to DL, it's always worked fine for me - I've seen a few little glitches here and there, but it's been always been solid. I think you'll see more stability in CS5.

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                    Shane P Level 3

                    Thank all for your input.




                    I think you are probably correct with the "build your own box" theory. The only reason I have built my own box is I cannot stand having all of the preloaded manufacturer garbage on it. I have considered just buying an HP workstation and CS5 upgrade. Do you know if you can have an HP workstation custom built? More specifically built with just WIN 7 Pro and not all of the "extras"? If I can do that I will probably just do that. Besides my workstation all of my laptops, printer, monitor are all HP. I'm partial to HP and may as well just go ahead with a workstation from them. This way I will know everything is configured correctly and I can capture directly into the new workstation. Right now I have to capture with my laptop because my custom box wont pick up my camera.


                    By the way, what is agood HD tapless camcorder that will work well with Premiere CS5? I have been using minidv up to this point and want to finally make the switch and go tapeless.

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                      John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      What KIND of tapeless - Hard drive or memory card?


                      I edit AVCHD (read http://www.pacifier.com/~jtsmith/ADOBE.HTM for more) and like it a lot


                      What you buy will depend on what you plan to do... I don't think a feature film would work as well with my Canon Vixia as a more professional "red" camera

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                        Shane P Level 3

                        Wow, I didnt realize how vague I was lol. I do mostly web based material. Ocassionally I do a DVD and send it off for replication. I used to use the Sony VX2100 uintil the tape transport broke. I was going to cost over $500 to have it repaired and with everything going the way of HD I didn't think it was a wise investment.


                        Right now I am just using a consumer grade 3 chip panasonic. I want to be able to deliver great HD image quality over the internet. I have a few entertainment websites that have a lot of video on them. I don't need anything crazy like a red / feature film camera however I would like a more prosumer grade camera. I really like Sony, Panasonic and Canon.


                        When I shoot for my websites I shoot sometimes a couple to several hours a day. I would like the ability of a removeable card so when it fills up I can swap cards, keep shooting and copy all of the material off of the cards later that evening or the next day.

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                          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          I use the Canon Vixia HFS100 and am very happy with the quality... even going from HD to SD for a DVD, the end result is MUCH better than I used to get with my 8mm tape camcorder (and that was not at all bad)


                          I (only) have one 32Gig class 4 SD card and the least amount of time, at the highest quality, is a bit under 3 hours... check the Canon site for more information


                          http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=ModelInfoAct&fcategoryid=177&modelid=1799 2


                          The other cameras in the same general price range had physically smaller lenses and 3 Megapixel sensors instead of the 6 MP in the HFS100


                          I am still learning the camera (and CS5) but my comments so far are at






                          I bought camera and extras at BH Photo Video (I work at a University and the Media department buys ONLY from BHPV)




                          Other stuff

                          32G SD http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/592772-REG/Kingston_SD4_32GB_32GB_SDHC_Memory_Card.h tml
                          Reader http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/655083-REG/Kingston_FCR_MLG2_MobileLiteG2_Memory_Car d_Reader.html
                          Battery http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=details_accessories&A=kitInfo&Q=&sku=539 252&is=REG
                          Canon 2590B002 CG-800 Lithium Ion Battery Charger - buy from camera link at BHPV
                          Hoya UV Filter - buy from camera link at BHPV

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                            Jim_Simon Level 8

                            The Panny HMC40 might suit your purposes very well.

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                              Eric Addison User Group Manager
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                              Shane P wrote:

                              . Do you know if you can have an HP workstation custom built? More specifically built with just WIN 7 Pro and not all of the "extras"? If I can do that I will probably just do that.


                              If you buy the workstations, you usually avoid all the extra stuff ("bloatware" as someone called it) and yes, you can go to the HP site and custom build the machine you want. That's what I did, and it's been great. The other thing that's nice is that when/if you have a problem, you talk to someone here in the US, not some call center overseas. And they have always been able to help me over the phone fix whatever small problem I've had. You do pay more buying one of these than if you were to build it, but for me - it's money well spent.


                              As for camera - I'm with Jim. The HMC-40 is a great camera. I just had to use one as a B camera recently and it matched up to my Sony EX3 pretty well. Also, I would say look at the Panasonic HMC-150 - it's a great camera with a great looking image.

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                                Shane P Level 3

                                Thank you all for your responses.