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    Linux: input regression in Air 2.0




      I just updated my Air 1.2 (iirc) to 2.0 and noticed (in TweetDeck, in case that's not an Air problem) that neither Dead Keys nor Compose works.


      For example, when I want to create an ä I type: <Shift>+2, a.  In Air, I don't get an ä but just an a (Same with é, which is ' + e, gives just an e without accent)


      To create I type <Compose>, t, m, but in Air I get just m.


      This works flawlessly in all other applications.

      (what does work is generating using <AltGr>+e)



      Since I type quite a lot of these special characters, this bug renders all Air applications unusable.

      Is there some setting I could change, to restore the 1.x behaviour?