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    Flex 4 Skinning and Control Resizing

    JoshDBoyle Level 1

      Hello, all


      I have recently taken a deep dive into skinning Flex components.  All in all, I'm very happy with the improvements that have been made and feel that it is a significant step in the right direction towards encouraging uniqueness among Flex applications in the enterprise.


      I have a solid handle on skinning with Flex 4 and how to leverage it but what I don't understand revolves around resizing skinned components.  As an example, let's assume I open up Photoshop and navigate to Scripts==>New Flex Skin... and then chose the ComboBox component to skin.  Let's then say that I update each of the four states of this control to look differently.  Lastly, I then export the skin from Photoshop and import it into Flash Builder 4 and apply my new style to a combo box I've dropped on my canvas.  Everything appears well - until I resize the component.  This causes the skin the ComboBox is using to visually stretch (as would be expected with the visual representation of a control being a static, embedded image).


      My question is as follows:


      - Is there any good way to properly handle control resizing with custom skins such that the skins don't appear stretched?


      I'm hoping there is something I am missing here.  I am aware that, as an alternative to importing a custom skin image, you can use the vector art capabilities of FXG in an MXML file to do the skinning there but I'd really like to avoid having to code a custom skin when I could leverage a tool such as Illustrator or Photoshop to make it look exactly how I want.