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    Has loadMovie changed?

      Hi Everyone!

      I'm building an flv player, but am having a small problem loadMovie. The movie dynamically loads a preview jpeg (and the flv) from a subdirectory to keep file sizes low, the flv loads great, but the preview image never loads when I put it live or run the movie in a browser.

      I'm wondering if something has changed between MX and 8, because I even tried re-exporting some old flash files, and had the same problem: loadMovie() just doesn't seem to work anymore.

      I looked at the topic " loadMovie differs from local to live" and tried adding the code:

      System.security.allowDomain( "http://www.myWebsite.com" );

      But it didn't seem to work. Anyone got any ideas? Here's the loadMovie() line I'm using:


      I can upload the fla if anyone wants to check out the full extent of my code. Thanks!