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    Markers created in Soundbooth, Can they be used in Premiere?


      I'm a newbie to this forum.. but have done a good search and found

      only a few thoughts on this subject.


      I'm linking some video to a music file:


      I open Soundbooth, create some "markers" .. save project.. import project into Premiere.. no markers..


      I can open the project in AE, markers are there... Save AE Project... open AE project in Premiere.. no markers...


      I even used Trapcode Sound Keys to create some markers in AE.... save project.. open project in Premiere.. can't use SK filter... argggg..



      Looking at a Sound File in Premiere... and determining the "BEAT" .. to place video clips on seems like alot of work...


      Is there some simply solution to this issue that Adobe simply has missed in linking Soundbooth with Premiere...


      Why can't I have all the Markers I create in Soundbooth to show up on the timeline above the Audio File... is that too much to ask?



      Thanks for looking...


      Appreciate the input..